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About Metalforming Controls

High Strength Steel and Aluminum are the metals of choice in many industries.  Die engineers have been searching for a formability solution for these metals. At the same time, stamping operators are constantly seeking ways to improve process performance.

The engineers at Metalforming Controls Corporation share these objectives, and we have developed new methods to improve process efficiency through better impact shock control, improved blank holding capabilities, controlled binder ring return, system reliability and longevity. These methods reduce press shock, improve part quality and allow for improved line yields. These performance improvements result in higher profitability. Most importantly, this technology offers a new and more efficient formability solution for high strength steel and aluminum parts.

Senior Management Team
Redmond Clark, Ph.D, President

Dr. Clark is a seasoned CEO with more than fifteen years experience in managing growth-oriented startup firms, including manufacturing, trucking, consulting and construction activities. Dr. Clark has participated in new product launches, fundraising, acquisitions, company sale, management team hiring and strategic planning.

Robert Bruton, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Bruton is an experience COO and CFO, with senior management experience in two different startup manufacturers. He has extensive experience in establishing financial control and operation systems, operations management, sales team management, audit management, acquisitions, a company sale and strategic planning.

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