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Who is using Force Modulator™ systems?

Ford Motor Corp uses the Force Modulation SystemFord Motor Company, Inc.
Force Modulator™ systems are currently in use at multiple Ford Motor Company plants.

"Ford Waves Bye-Bye to Wrinkles, Tears, and Splits"
(Text of article that appeared in MetalForming magazine, July, 2004)
[pdf file 176k]

Case History 303: Light Truck Hood
[Microsoft Word document 72kb]


General Motors Corporation
A major component supplier to General Motors has completed the installation of a Force Modulator™ system and is using it to make a very deep draw, high strength steel bumper.


Chrysler Corporation
Chrysler has selected the Force Modulator™ system for use in their test bed for high strength steel parts.


Maytag Corporation
On a new appliance line, Maytag chose the Force Modulator™ system for its ability to form deep draw parts.


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