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Force Modulator™ System    

Metalforming Controls Corporation was founded by engineers working to maintain metal presses for the automotive industry. Much of the repair work performed on draw presses had common causes: impact shock, hard hits, etc., that were tied back to the use of nitrogen cylinders as a metal-holding tool. Use of nitrogen cylinders produced higher rates of press damage, generated a higher level of defective parts and often required slower press operating rates. This results in a significant cost for the press owner.

The Force Modulator™ System is a hydraulic system built around an innovative concept. Using a proprietary technology, the system matches slide acceleration with designed resistance at all points during the stroke. This means that specific control of metal-forming conditions throughout the stroke is now possible. The results are striking. In a typical production application at a major auto manufacturer, impact and return shocks were reduced by more the 80%. The Force Modulator™ System includes hydraulic cylinders with dimensions similar to those of nitrogen cylinders. This allows rapid installation in existing dies without costly modifications. Die mounted system components include a fluid reservoir and a static fluid cooling system.


Impact and return shock
Impact and return shock
with Nitrogen Cylinders

Impact and return shock with
Impact and return shock with
Force Modulator™ Cylinders

Force Modulator™ System
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